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Professional gazebos

Professional pop up gazebos that make your work easier

Pop up gazebos made from sturdy materials and 100% waterproof textiles - the best choice for true professionals. Ecotent®'s professional pop up gazebos are the perfect partner, both indoors and outdoors. In addition, our various product lines suit every budget, always maintaining the highest European quality standards. Naturally available in many different colours and textiles and fully personalisable designs with printing. The added bonus? They’re ready to use in just two minutes

Gazebos for professionals by professionals: our professional consultancy service is always available and our customer service is active and ongoing even after purchase. 


Your professional gazebo ready in just two minutes

 Our professional pop up gazebos are ready to use in just two minutes, in a few simple steps with no tools required. Open the bag, set up the gazebo and you’re done.

the best

Are you familiar with the professional gazebos from our E1 series?

The best quality for the most discerning professionals, smart technology to aid frequent use and many years of expertise put into practice to increase product durability. Our E1 series professional gazebos are in highly sought-after because of their excellent quality, extreme stability and extensive durability. Made to last a long time and perfected for professional appearance and use, our E1 products are undoubtedly the right choice.

What makes our E1 series the best?

  • Their sturdy 46 mm diameter aluminium frame,
  • aluminium connecting clamps,
  • 100% waterproof and fire retardant textiles,
  • smart set-up aid,
  • handy safety button,
  • patented corner clip,
  • 5-year product warranty,
  • lifetime anti-corrosion warranty and
  • TÜV certification, in addition to various other international certificates.
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E2 and E3 series

Professional gazebos at reduced prices

At Ecotent®, we really have thought of everyone, including those with the tightest of budgets, which is why we’ve created two more high-quality series: E2 and E3, perfect for a wide variety of applications. For example, they are the ideal product for recurring occasions and events or for small garden parties. Want to compare our three series with one another? On our series comparison page, we’ve gathered all the most important information for you.

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15+ colours for professional gazebos

Monochrome, two-tone or printed? Our 15 standard colours make every professional pop up gazebo truly unique. In addition, thanks to sublimation printing, you can print the roof and walls of your gazebo in your corporate colours so you always convey a consistent and tidy image. And that's not all: our gazebos can also be fully personalised with printed logos, photographs or patterns, and our in-house expert graphics team will design it all to ensure maximum visibility, legibility and accuracy. Harness the power of colour to make the difference!

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Overview of sizes
Folding gazebo 3x3 m in the colour bordeaux.
3x3 m
Folding gazebo 4.5x3 m in the colour dark blue.
4.5x3 m
Folding gazebo 6x3 m in the colour yellow.
6x3 m
Folding gazebo 6x4 m in the colour red.
6x4 m
Folding gazebo 3x3 m in the colour orange.
8x4 m
Folding gazebo 4x2 m in the colour light blue.
4x2 m
Folding gazebo 3x2 m in the colour black.
3x2 m
Folding gazebo 1.5x1.5 m in the colour ecru.
1.5x1.5 m
Folding gazebo 2x2 m in the colour white.
2x2 m
Folding gazebo 3x1.5 m in the colour light grey
3x1.5 m

11 sizes for any application. Whatever you want to use it for, we’re sure to have the right size gazebo for you: all our sizes can be combined using our modular construction system, so you can always create the size and shape of gazebo you want. The best part? All our products are ready to use in minutes with no tools. All our gazebos offer stability, durability and flexibility of use. Have you already chosen the size that’s right for you?

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The black 3x3 m folding gazebo serves as an outdoor shelter on the terrace.
our best-loved classic

3x3 m professional gazebo

Everyone knows and loves it. The classic 3x3 m professional gazebo, with its covered area of 9 m², provides enough space for you, your goods or your guests and is still space-saving during transport and storage as well as being light, easy to handle and compact. It can come equipped with user-friendly  sidewalls and smart accessories, transforming it into a truly complete solution.

The 3x3 m is the ideal partner for professional appearance and use: anytime, anywhere.

Check out our 3x3 m
even bigger

4x4 m professional gazebo

Just one meter wider than the 3x3 m but with an additional covered area of 7m². With the 4x4 m professional gazebo, a little goes a long way. If you have no space restrictions and want to stand out from the competition, this size will make you a real star. The same convenience, easy handling, user-friendliness and ease of transport as the classic 3x3 m, only bigger!

Full info on the 4x4 m
Do you have something extraordinary in mind?

3x6 professional gazebo

Are you someone who thinks big? Then our 3x6 m professional pop up gazebo with its 18 m² covered area is for you. Despite its large size, it’s still compact and space-saving when closed, making it very easy to move and store. If you really want to go large, our sizes also include the 6x4 m and the  8x4 m, and they can all be combined using our modular construction system. Whether you’re already a professional or aspiring to become one, we have the size for you and your big ideas. 

All about our 6x3 m
The woman attaches the 28 kg base plate to the folding gazebo.
Accessories and sidewalls

Complete professional gazebos

Looking for an all-around solution for your professional gazebo? No problem. With our sidewalls and countless accessories, you can complete your gazebo to perfection, making it even more unique and functional. 

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Professional pop up gazebos examined

Quality is no accident. That's why our professional pop up gazebos are regularly put to the test by the wind tunnel, by several renowned engineering firms and by the daily grind. We can therefore say with confidence that our products are among the best and come with extensive warranties. All our test results and certificates are available to be downloaded, viewed or submitted to authorities or event organisations when requested. 

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Tested and certified • Tested and certified •

Is quality of paramount importance? Then Ecotent is the right choice for you. Our three series are designed in detail for all applications.

Made in Europe

Professional aluminium gazebos sold directly by the manufacturer

Are you looking to purchase a professional gazebo, sold directly by the manufacturer and with the best value for money? Then Ecotent® is the right partner for you. Our pop up gazebos combine decades of experience, high quality and solid expertise with fresh ideas and attractive designs. Manufactured entirely in Europe, our gazebos stand out particularly in terms of quality and service. We are transparent and approachable and create new designs every day to best support all professionals in their work. What are you waiting for? Purchase a professional gazebo sold directly by the manufacturer. Simple, quick and safe.


Gazebos for professionals
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