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Low-cost gazebos

Low-cost gazebos offering top value for money

made of aluminium and waterproof

Low-cost pop up gazebos sold directly by the manufacturer?

Your gazebo at the best price

These days, cheap pop up gazebos can be found in almost any DIY store and large discount store, sometimes even for under 100 euros. However, these are mostly imported products of shoddy workmanship with no warranty, certification or support. Not to mention their often ethically dubious manufacture from the point of view of both sustainability and working conditions and their lack of transparency about materials. We believe these shortcomings to be unacceptable in this day and age.

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Not cheap but low-cost gazebos

We set ourselves the goal of manufacturing an everyday product that was low-cost, eco-friendly and designed to completely satisfy end users. If your product lasts decades, you won’t have to repeat the purchase periodically, so you save time and money as well as taking home a product that’s solid and user-friendly. In addition, the planet will thank you for not wasting materials unnecessarily.

Gazebo manufacturers from Europe will certainly not offer €100 pop up gazebos, but what you can expect are gazebos that are weatherproof and resistant to frequent use and wear and tear.
You can choose between a €500 gazebo that lasts 10 years or more and spending €120 every year on cheap gazebos. A quick calculation will tell you that, logically, the most cost-effective choice in the long run is a no-brainer. If you think about it, for more than €1000 over 10 years, you could have purchased a premium product that would also have caused you far fewer problems along the way, as well as enjoying professional aesthetics and customer service that’s always available.

That's why ‘cheap’ is not always synonymous with ‘low-cost’: it's value for money that makes the difference.  

value for money

Our most low-cost gazebo series: E3

For anyone who uses their pop up gazebo occasionally, we offer the E3 series. It features adapted technical details and the same warranties and certificates as our E1 and E2 series.

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What does Ecotent have that others don’t?

High-quality gazebos at the best price

Your benefits with Ecotent

What makes Ecotent special? When does it make sense to invest in a high-quality product?

  • Certificates and warranties: we insure our gazebo frames against corrosion for life, so not even bad weather or minor mishaps will be a problem.
  • Durable frames: stable now and for years to come.
  • Waterproof and fire retardant textiles which also keep their colour and do not tear.
  • Spare parts: should anything happen, the frame parts can be easily replaced without having to purchase a whole new product.
  • A clear conscience: thanks to our ethically sound manufacturing and high-quality, origin-controlled materials.
  • Manufacture in Europe: this means quality controls to the highest standards after every step of the production process. Visit us during your next holiday in South Tyrol!
  • Expert consultancy: make informed decisions about your product, personalise it to your needs and choose the right accessories.
  • Customer service that’s always available: after purchase, you can always talk to the same contact person about any questions or concerns.
  • No hidden costs: the offer includes all the information you need, and the only things that may surprise you are the technical details of our products!
  • Team of ambitious and enterprising designers ready to design your ideal gazebo with you.
  • Detailed printing and photorealistic motifs (if desired).

If these are the elements you’re looking for, it looks as though you’ve come to the right place! 

a one-off?

When should you buy a cheap gazebo?

If you only want to use a collapsible gazebo once, it is best to contact a rental company. This way, you’ll have a stable gazebo for your event at a good price, without having to go through the whole purchasing process. In addition, the quality will be much better; very cheap pop up gazebos often only last for three or four uses, so you’ll soon have more than 30 kg of trash on your hands.

What this means: even for brief or occasional use, purchasing a stable and good-quality pop up gazebo is the right choice, and its user-friendliness will encourage you to use it even more frequently on other occasions, and, if that’s not the case, you’ll have a valuable product you can resell. For one-time use, on the other hand, anyone who sees or uses the gazebo will thank you if you have rented a quality product. And the planet will breathe a sigh of relief, too!

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