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The ING-DiBa marathon for the World Down Syndrome Day

Ecotent® is a part of this important day!

Nearly 750 runners were ready and waiting on the premises of TV Fürth 1860. They were all waiting for the starting signal. The ultimate goal of the highly motivated expert and hobby runners? Running, laughing, doing good!


Every year, since 2011, many people are getting their running shoes on a weekend around 21 March (World Down Syndrome Day). The charity event, which was created by the running club “Laufclub 21” at Fürth is executed in cooperation with the ING-DiBa financial institute. It aims at the inclusion of people who are affected by trisomy 21 – the so-called Down syndrome.

Versatile program

Similar to the other years, the event enjoyed a lively participation. In advance, the participants could choose between different categories: 6-hour-running session, marathon, half marathon or even a relay race. Away from the running trail, everything was prepared in order to ensure a relaxed running session – there were booths for catering, showers, rest- and even massage areas.

In addition to that, a versatile entertainment program guaranteed an amusing event. Amongst others, the ING-DiBa in-house band “The Swinging Lions”, consisting of 11 men, entertained the sportsmen and –women and their fans with rousing beats.



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the saviour for any event

Although the weather was not the best, the DJ with all his technical devices as well as the spectators stayed safe and dry underneath the distinctive Ecotent® pop up gazebos of the ING-DiBa. In advance, the tents were erected on the premises without any effort – we gladly supported them during the set-up.

The result: Even though the quick members of the running club 21 overtook many people – the fun was to the fore. And there is one thing that both the organizers and participants have already internalized long since: It doesn’t matter whether you are born with an extra chromosome or not – people remain people! 

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